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Game Boy Printer/Chee-Chai Alien

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The following content contains information that may not be age appropriate, and may be offensive or upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Note: Chee-Chai Alien (a game in the Chalien series developed by Creatures, Inc., since then published by Nintendo for the games Nonono Puzzle Chalien and Spin Six) also supports the Game Boy Printer.

One known means of using the Game Boy Printer is for printing out a photo during Kirako's minigame, known as Nen (念).[1]

Printer outputs are particularly strange (though it is not known yet if all are used); and include:

  • Chaliens such as the previously mentioned Kirako, as well as Trey with others (whose original Japanese name is 3Rou).
  • A drawing of a 'dissected' version of the Chalien Basara, with a flower inside its stomach.
  • Various kana, kanji combinations or sentences.
  • A fish-bone drawing with text.
  • Lungs and an unknown creature.
  • The unknown bar code 5963-1129-014-193.
  • Three wave symbols (similar to the 'water wave' hieroglyphs) but rotated on its side) (more specific name wanted).
  • A traditional maze puzzle (pen and paper).
  • Scenes featuring the pig.
  • Scenes featuring unknown personnel, possibly developers or tarento. One of them comments "なみだ" (which may also be what the final unlockable Chalien Rabuta exclaims during its minigame). One of these may be offensive/provocative, and is in the later referenced Facebook gallery of the print-outs.
  • A fold-diagram for a robot.
  • A diagram of an unknown creature resembling a Chalien or a Pokémon (but is not; it is unknown what it actually is), which begins with it being asleep, then having fire come out of it when angered, until it eventually dissolves into dust.[2]