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James Bond 007

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James Bond 007
James Bond 007 NA box.png
Developer(s): Saffire
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy
Category: Action-adventure
Predecessor: GoldenEye 007
Copyrights: ©1997 Nintendo ©1962, 1995 Danjaq, LLC. & U.A.C. All rights reserved. ©1997 Eon Productions Ltd. & Mac B, Inc. James Bond theme by Monty Norman Used by permission of EMI Unart Catalog Inc.
Release dates
N. America:

February 9, 1998
Player's Choice: December 15, 1998


January 29, 1998

[[|]] has more information on this game:
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James Bond 007 is a licensed James Bond franchise Game Boy game.


James Bond (code name 007) is tasked with finding 008 in Turkey and stopping a criminal arms smuggling ring from starting a new world order. There are various puzzles to solve in this action-adventure game. Starting in China, James Bond can attack enemies by punching and blocking them, and can find more weapons to use on the way. James Bond can also visit a casino to play card games.[1]


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