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Nintendo Labo

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"Make, Play, Discover"
Nintendo Labo tagline
Nintendo Labo
Nintendo Labo logo.png
Release year: 2018[1]
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Compatible: Nintendo Switch
Model no.: HAC-051[1]

Nintendo Labo (ニンテンドーラボ Nintendō Rabo) is a line of cardboard toys that interact with Nintendo Switch in a variety of ways. The line was originally revealed in a video announcement trailer posted on January 17, 2018, as "a new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch".[2] Primarily aimed at children, Labo kits consist of sheets of cardboard and other parts that must be assembled into a given model. The first Labo sets were released in April 2018.[1]


Each Nintendo Labo kit features sheets of cardboard to build into a variety of models, referred to as "Toy-Con".[1] The kits feature a piece of compatible software that features instructions on how to build each model and games that use the models.[3] The software also lets players view models of completed Toy-Con and examine in-depth how they function.[4] The Toy-Con interact with the system by inserting the Joy-Con controllers and, in some cases, the Nintendo Switch console in select areas, using the console's features to play.[1]


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