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Part Time UFO

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Part Time UFO
Part Time UFO NS logo.jpg
Developer(s): HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s): Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
Platform: Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Category: Action, Puzzle
Players: 1–2
Predecessor: None
Successor: None
Copyrights: ©2020 HAL Laboratory / Nintendo
Release dates

February 26, 2018[1]
October 28, 2020
(Nintendo Switch)


November 14, 2017[2]

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Part Time UFO is a physics-based action puzzle video game. It is the first title developed by HAL Laboratory's mobile game division HAL Egg and initially self-published in 2017/2018 for iOS and Android, with Nintendo publishing the expanded port for Nintendo Switch in 2020.



The scene opens accross the starry night skies high above the Earth, gradually setting down through the atmosphere, just as a red saucer flies by the clouds. UFO is briefly shown just below, afterwards being the sparkle that distracts a truck-driving farmer for a moment. Out of a sudden, a UFO warning sign appears, which the truck hits making it scatter all of the farmer's carried orange delivery.

The farmer is saddened for his precious giant orange, because his old bones can't get it onto the truck. He notices the descending UFO and requests the young'un drifting around to help out an old man. This is where the player takes control of the UFO named Jobski to put the cargo back on the truck. The farmer is cheered up for the job well done and thanks Jobski, but also pays for it. This is Jobski's first wage whom farmer amusingly criticizes as "young'uns just drifting around and doing nothing with their lifes", then hands out a magazine with job listings to help the alien drifter settle down on Earth.


Jobski is a flying saucer equipped with a large claw which it uses to grab, lift, carry and stack objects in designated areas. To progress in the game, the player controls Jobski and completes part-time jobs with tasks such as farmwork, fishing, helping cheerleaders, cooking, building castles, stacking circus animals and more. Some of them focus on speed, other on careful or precise placement. Upon completion, the resulting work is tested whether it can stand still for 5 seconds and then scored based on time and number of fullfiled bonus objectives (stacking a complete variety of fishes or ingredients, catching a thief, placing an optional figure). Meeting objectives are required for earning medals needed to unlock new jobs.

The expanded Nintendo Switch version features Joy-Con support, two player cooperative play, three additional types of jobs, achievement system that unlocks animated illustrations. Also introduced are two new modes - a high-score "Tower of Infinity" mode where the players are given to stack objects as high as possible, and a "Treasure Island" puzzle solving mode unlocked after clearing the game where they're given limited time to explore ancient ruins and retrieve treasures contained within.

With hard-earned money, the player can purchase various outfits, some of which are decorative and other offer helpful perks.


  • Director - Teruhiko Suzuki
  • Project Manager - Eitaro Nakamura
  • Programmers - Kaori Ishizaki, Koki Tajima
  • Designer - Yuta Kawakami
  • Sound Designer - Shogo Sakai
  • Producer - Shigefumi Kawase


  • Kirby series main characters Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, and many Waddle Dees cameo as plush toys in the two-star version of Toy Shop 2. A star is also present in the same stage, analogous to the Warp Star.
  • Qbby, protagonist of the BoxBoy! series, also makes cameo appearances in Part Time UFO. A tiny Qbby can be seen dancing in background scenery in various stages, and a "Qbby's UFO" outfit can be bought from the costume shop. In return, Jobski's costume is available for Qbby in BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!.

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