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Untitled balloon/bubble pushing games

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Untitled balloon/bubble pushing games (Game Boy)
Developer(s): Nintendo/TOSE
Successor: Densetsu no Starfy (GBC)
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The untitled balloon/bubble pushing games were prototypes for the game that became Densetsu no Starfy for the Game Boy Color, and later for the Game Boy Advance.


In November 1995, Hitoshi Yamagami and his boss conceived a type of 'floating platformer' featuring pushing around a balloon. Due to the game seeming not very fun, and technical difficulties related to the balloon moving to its intended place, on request the game was changed so that the player could control it instead.

Later the game was changed so that the player would control a bubble featuring a Nintendo character, however this was not considered practical. Yasuhiro Minamimoto from TOSE would later join in on the development.

The bubble was later changed to a sea creature to fit the environment better. This lead to the conception of a starfish character (becoming Starfy), as well as a jellyfish.[1][2]


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