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Wii Sports

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Wii Sports
Wii スポーツ
Wī Supōtsu
Wii Sports NA box.jpg
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Category: Sports
Players: 1-4
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: Wii Sports Resort
Release dates
N. America: November 19, 2006
Japan: December 2, 2006
Europe: December 8, 2006
Australia: December 7, 2006
S. Korea: April 26, 2008
PEGI: 7+
USK: 0

Wii Sports is a Wii launch title developed by software development group no. 2 of Nintendo EAD. It is a game that consists of several sports games, such as tennis and boxing, which can be played using Miis that have been created on the Mii Channel.

The game makes heavy use of the Wii Remote's motion features to show off the technology, allowing players to perform in-game actions, such as swinging a tennis racket or baseball bat, in a realistic manner.

It was first released in North America in November 2006, and it was later released in all other major regions in December of that year. It was the first game since Mario's Tennis for the Virtual Boy to be bundled with a Nintendo console, being sold as a pack-in game with Wii consoles in all regions except Japan. In part because of it being a bundled game, Wii Sports has sold over 82 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling Wii title, the best-selling title for a single platform, and the fourth best-selling game of all-time.



Play like a pro!
Transform your Wii Remote into a baseball bat, tennis racket, bowling ball, golf club, or boxing gloves, and turn yourself into an instant sports superstar! Put yourself right in the game as a Mii – a personalized and customizable Wii version of you!

Don't feel like a pro?
Pick up the skills you need in over a dozen training games, or just shoot for the best score!

Nintendo website

Bundled with Wii, Wii Sports introduces a whole new way to play your game.

This is what video games should be: fun for everyone. Wii Sports offers five distinct sports experiences, each using the Wii Remote controller to provide a natural, intuitive and realistic feel. To play a Wii Sports game, all you need to do is pick up a controller and get ready for the pitch, serve or that right hook. If you've played any of these sports before, you're ready for fun!


  • Play Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing in the comfort of one's living room. No ball boys scurrying about, no oil from the alleys to get players dirty and no rain to keep anyone from a day at the court, park or course. Use the Wii Remote controller to mimic the actions of swinging a racket, bat or club, roll a ball down an alley or bring the left jab.
  • Players can use their own Mii caricatures in the game and play them against their friends' Miis for a more personalized experience. As players improve, their Miis' skill levels will increase, so that they can see exactly how much better they've become.
    • People of all skill levels can pick up and play any of the games in the unprecedented Wii Sports package, making this truly a title for everyone!


In Wii Sports, there are five sports featured in the game: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing, in which players, playing as their Mii character, use the Wii Remote (or Nunchuk) to simulate playing the actual versions of the sports. In tennis, players use the Wii Remote to swing their character's racket. In baseball, players pitch and swing by performing said actions with the remote. In bowling, players swing the remote like a bowling ball to play. While playing golf, players swing their Wii Remote like a golf club. Finally, in boxing, players must make punching and guarding motions with both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to play.

In playing these games, players are rewarded or deducted skill points based upon their performance relative to their computer opponent. Increasing one's skill points earns the player several aesthetic features, such as a larger crowd for boxing and tennis, and a new outfit and ball for bowling.

In addition to the main sports, players can also play various challenges based on each sport. Players can also take a daily fitness test, which judges the player's "fitness age" based on their performance in three randomly-selected challenges.

Technical details

Technical details
Media: Wii Game Disc
Save data size: 2 blocks
Input / compatible controllers: Wii Remote (+ Nunchuk)

Other releases

Title Cover art Platform Release date(s) Notes
Wii Sports Wii (Nintendo Selects) NA: May 15, 2011
EU: May 20, 2011
A re-release of the game under the Nintendo Selects branding.
Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort Wii Sports and Resort AU box.png Wii NA: October 15, 2012[1]
AUS: November 7, 2013
KOR: November 6, 2014
A compilation version of both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

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  1. Nintendo Drops Price of Wii to $129.99, Includes Both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Business Wire (October 15, 2012). Retrieved May 6, 2017.

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