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(Adding a shortcut here to NintendoWiki:Sandbox)
Hi, I'm Evie ^^. I love Nintendo, Pokémon, The Legendary Starfy series, Sanrio, game glitches, unused content. I also like game history/culture in general and listening to video game music.

I'm an admin and editor here, but have been less active recently (apart from small edits), and on project work in general. I'm staff at various other places too, and founded a few wikis (see below). I'm a trans woman who likes both 'technical' and 'girly' things. I also like to come back here to contribute when Sanrio Wiki is offline. If you want to contact me you might more often find me on Twitter or here. My Discord handle is also eviemelodylvsoulmate4ever; but at times I'm slow to respond there and get shy.

Torchickens profile picture.png

I'd like to add more Nintendo before video games content and patent articles at some point; it's a matter of feeling motivated, finding time, self-care, and balancing with other projects.

To-do (if no one else does it)


This user identifies as female.

I prefer she/her.

This user is a transgender woman

This user is an ambivert

This user is weird ^^ (and may sometimes mask being normal -_-)

This user likes glitches in video games

This user likes prerelease and unused content in video games

This user likes programming (GBZ80 (Game Boy)), otherwise user friendly creation tools

This user likes music (primarily game music and classical)

This user likes philosophy

This user likes reading about religion in general but does not identify as an Orthodox, she relates more Gnosticism

This user likes reading about mysticism, divination, astrology (and doesn't care anymore about the stigma). She doesn't actually try things like tarot anymore though; just reading about the theory/culture.

This user likes science (mainly physics, biology, not been interested as much in chemistry)

Art History
This user likes art history

General History
This user likes general history

This user likes computers

This user likes network/information studies

This user likes general media other than games (e.g. films, books)

Lots of tags
This user has way too many user tags

Long posts
This user occasionally makes long posts

This user also likes brevity and lists

High-Functioning Autism
This user has high-functioning autism

Nintendo Sites
This user likes reading about Nintendo before they made video games, and is a fan of Before Mario. Also her favourite Nintendo sites in general are NinDB, Serebii (Pokémon).

This user is @EvieMelody on Twitter

There isn't a focus; I tweet a mixture of things.

RuneScape 3
This user plays RuneScape 3 as Eeeeeveeeee

This user is British, and uses Commonwealth English unless the site (such as this wiki) expects American English

Favourite console
This user's favourite console is the Nintendo Switch

This user loves cute things

This user likes fashion

This user likes sociology

This user likes culture

This user doesn't want to get too involved with politics, but leans more on Left Wing ideals

This user likes Tao philosophy

This user can hack/data-mine video games

This user likes to document the lesser covered media, such as DSiWare

Other region games/Lesser known consoles
This user is sad video games exclusive to specific regions even licensed ones (like China, France, etc.) tend to get forgotten, as well as the coverage of less popular consoles internationally in general (Super A'Can, Dragon 32, Casio Loopy, Konami Picno, etc.)

This user speaks native English

This user likes Japanese culture and speaks/writes/hears some Japanese

This user likes languages

This user can have occasional waves of being a study or workaholic

Not very organised
This user is not very organised

This user sometimes has insomnia, is bad at time management, or forgets to eat

This user has mild dyspraxia

No commentary
This user doesn't like her voice/has a mild SSD ("ə" phoneme when it appears before "l", etc. not sure what this one is called. So most her videos on YouTube are no commentary.)

Video presentation
This user often prefers watching/making raw content videos without any presentation. It takes time and I sometimes skip to the point.

This user sometimes considers themselves non-conformist (embraces video game emulation, hacking, doesn't always follow conventional ways of solving practical problems, thinks the politics of the country in which she lives has become too Right-leaning recently, also doesn't like the capitalism concept etc.)

This user thinks copyright law should be changed so after something like 1 year works enter the public domain and the copyright cannot be renewed, so that the fan community can preserve media. Also should be normalised. However, at the same time this user refrains from linking to those sites while the laws are still in effect, and when there could be risk of take down.

This user doesn't believe in Nintendo Game Content Guidelines (unedited gameplay sequences, as well as data mining should be seen as fair use). Also she doesn't like the Community Tournament Guidelines (things like the participant and prize limit, banning of ROM/ISO hacks for old games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, etc).

Favourite game company
This user's favourite game company is Tose)

Favourite game personnel
This user's favourite game personnel are: Satoru Iwata, Hirokazu Tanaka, Tsukasa Tawada, Kazumi Totaka, Junichi Masuda

This user is ChickasaurusGL on YouTube

A channel about Pokémon glitches, an obsession of mine.

This user is EvieMelody on YouTube

Various content, mainly media that needs more documentation or I couldn't find on YouTube already.

This user is Evie Melody <3 soulmate 4ever♥#3213 on YouTube

Note I can be very shy here and have joined way too many groups.


Wiki logo
This user is a member of Starfy Wiki.

(Editor in Chief)

Wiki logo
This user is a member of Bulbapedia.

I also have an account on other wikis, but I'm not very active there. I may add more tags if I return.


Sanrio logo.png
This user is a member of Sanrio Wiki



Balloon Fight logo.png
This user is a member of Balloon Fight Wiki

(An admin)


Chee-Chai Alien boxart.png
This user is a member of Chee-Chai Alien Wiki



This user is a member of Imagineer Wiki

(Founder, the wiki was closed by Miraheze because of inactivity.)