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(Game Boy Advance)
(Nintendo 64)
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*[[Jack & Beans]]
*[[Jack & Beans]]
*[[Jungle Emperor Leo]]
*[[Jungle Emperor Leo]]
*[[Kakutou Game Ryūō]] (became ''[[Super Smash Bros.]]'')
*[[Kameo: Elements of Power]]
*[[Kameo: Elements of Power]]
*[[Metal Slader Glory 64]]
*[[Metal Slader Glory 64]]

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This article is a list of Nintendo developed works (or works with Nintendo planned as the publisher) that were ultimately unreleased.


Sources: [1] [2]

Additional mention

  • Joust (Atari Famicom)


Sources: [3] [4]

Virtual Boy

Sources: [5]

Game Boy/Game Boy Color

Sources: [6]

Finalised as a significantly different game

Game Boy Advance

Sources: [7] [8] [9] [10]

Finalised on a different platform

  • Drill Dozer (European version), became available as a download on Wii U Virtual Console
  • Game & Watch Gallery 4 (Japanese version, "Game Boy Gallery 4"), became available as a download on Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo 64

Sources: [11] [12]

Finalised on a different platform

Nintendo GameCube

Finalised on a different platform

Nintendo DS

Finalised on a different platform


Finalised on a different platform

Wii U

Nintendo Switch

Unknown platform

Cancelled iQue Game Boy Advance games



From 2019 Nintendo, Microsoft data breach case[9]:

  • Heli-Fighter (HeliFire?)
  • Pazu Card
  • Parnuts
  • Glass Bird Puzzle
  • Sutte Hakkun (NES version)
  • Shin Onigashima Part 1 / 2 (cartridge version)

From The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition code:

Cat protagonist game?

Exclusively to the Korean version of Super Paper Mario, there are unused assets for landscapes featuring a cat protagonist and various cat characters. Specific details are unknown. If this would be a game, it is not known who the developers or publishers would have been.

Unnamed cat assets.png Unknown cat.png

The Legendary Starfy series prototypes?

Similarly, cancelled assets from unrelated games (likely TOSE teams) can be found in the Japanese version of Super Princess Peach and Densetsu no Starfy 4, as well as possibly assets from The Legendary Starfy series prototypes.

Unused Starfy assets 1.png Unused Starfy assets 2.png

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