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(Adding a shortcut here to [[NintendoWiki:Sandbox]])
(Adding a shortcut here to [[NintendoWiki:Sandbox]])
I'm interested into keeping discontinued 'end of life' Nintendo published/developed works documented, specifically [[Mobile System GB]], [[Wii Shop Channel]] and (may be dead soon or is dead) old [[DSiWare]]. So I want to make articles on them before adding pages for well-documented games, as there are so many articles we still don't have and it may be best to have a focus. Currently:
#[[List of Satellaview broadcasts]] ; then
#[[List of WiiWare]] (...)
#[[List of DSiWare]]
#Dead mobile things like [[Pokémate]], [[Miitomo]]?
(Have done a little work on [[Famicom Network System]] and the known Nintendo-published/developed Mobile System GB software; [[Mario Kart: Super Circuit]], [[Mobile Golf]], [[Mobile Trainer]], [[Pokémon Crystal Version]], [[Napoleon]], [[Horse Racing Creating Derby]] and [[Game Boy Wars 3]].)
===Directory project===
===Directory project===

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