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Vegas Stakes

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Vegas Stakes (SNES)
Vegas Stakes SNES box.png
Vegas Stakes (Game Boy)
Vegas Stakes GB box.png
Boxart of Vegas Stakes (Game Boy)
Developer(s): HAL Laboratory, Dice
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Imagineer (SNES, JP)
GIG Electronics (Game Boy, EU)
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy
Category: Gambling
Copyrights: ©1995 HAL Laboratory/Nintendo
Release dates
N. America:

SNES: May 1993
Game Boy: December 1995


SNES: September 10, 1993


SNES: 1993
Game Boy: 1995


SNES: August 31, 2007 (Virtual Console)
Game Boy: 1995

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{{|Vegas Stakes|Read it now!}}

Vegas Stakes is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy game, published by Nintendo in some regions. It is part of the Vegas Dream series of casino simulation games.


Risk it all in live casino action! Check into your favorite hotel, meet up with friends in the lobby, and you're ready to go! Place your bets! Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Craps and Seven Card Stud poker promise fame and fortune. Parlay your stakes into a serious bankroll and shoot for the $10 million goal! Your companion will give you odds, advice and rules. Even beginners can master these realistic casino games. Put your money on the line and trust Lady Luck. It's an all-or-nothing ride to Vegas![1]