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Super Mario Club (Famicom Network System)

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Not to be confused with (but possibly the inspiration for:) Mario Club (company)

Super Mario Club (original)
SMCE boxart.jpg
Super Mario Club
SMCR boxart.jpg
Boxart of Super Mario Club
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Famicom (Famicom Network System)
Category: Non-game (review system)
Copyrights: ©1990, 1991 Nintendo
Release dates


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Super Mario Club was software for Nintendo/Nomura Securities' 1988-2001 Famicom Network System.

Release and details[edit]

Super Mario Club was introduced in 1990, and has two variations; the original release with blue artwork (© Nintendo 1990) and the later release with red artwork (© Nintendo 1991). The differences other than design are unknown, but it may be possible that the original was an experimental cartridge (or possibly a prototype), with later adjustments added to the new cartridge.[1]

The logo for this software features Mario, and it also seems to have been used as one of the old Super Mario Club (company) logos. Additionally, Mario and Luigi have been confirmed to have appeared bouncing on pogo sticks in the software itself.


Super Mario Club was produced for toy shops in Japan to deliver Famicom-title game reviews to customers. When it connected to the Famicom Network System, all toy stores would have had access to the same database; and additionally customers could add their own feedback. Users would also have their search history tracked for analysis purposes by Nintendo.[2]

Related images[edit]

Screenshot of software (original release) Screenshot of software (later release)
SMCE title screen.png SMCR title screen.png
Screenshot of software (featuring Mario and Luigi) Cartridge
SMC ML.png SMC cartridge.png


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