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Develop 100

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The Develop 100 is a yearly list published by Develop that lists of the top one-hundred video game developers ranked by the amount of revenue taken in through video game sales in the United Kingdom. Its first release was in 2005, and since then it has been release annually.[1] In each publication of the list, a profile of the studio is included stating what has made the company more successful or less successful than previous years. Occasionally Develop 100 includes the company's revenue as well as which of their games were the most successful.


In 2005, Nintendo was ranked twenty-eight.[1]

In 2007, Nintendo lost to EA Canada, being placed at second place.[2]

In 2008, Nintendo was ranked first.[3][4]

In 2009, Nintendo was in second place, topped by Blizzard Entertainment.[5]

In 2010, Nintendo again was the most successful studio.[1]

In 2011, Nintendo ranks first place for the second year in a row.[6][7]


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