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NintendoWiki:Interwiki (Link) Task Force

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Not exactly, but you get the idea

This page is about the Interwiki Task Force, a group of users who are willing to seek out and help wikis that wish to interwiki link to one-another for more in depth information on a specific topic. This group specifically wishes to implement an interwiki linking system using the sidebar (like languages links) for space for links that may be too minor for inclusion even in the External Links section of an article. Not all wikis need to implement the system in order to receive help or participate.


Swap links for inter-wiki content. For example, zeldawiki:Characters_in_Super_Smash_Bros._(Series)#Ness is the Ness link on Zelda Wiki, and I think that link should appear on the Ness page on Smash Wiki, SMW, etc. Any wikis that don't include Ness (like BP) would not be forced to create an article just to accommodate. (This task is being headed by Turtwig A)





Current Templates[edit]

The following is a list of templates available for your use on their respective wikis. An excellent option if the wiki doesn't implement the system out lined above.

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Advanced Editing


This template is using the Nintendo 64 color scheme