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NintendoWiki:CrossWiki Team

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This is the "home base" for the CrossWiki Teams thing suggested by me on the NIWA forums. This is where members write stuff down so we're not all disorganized and actually have a clue what we're doing.

What the team does

The CrossWiki Team (name subject to change) is basically intended to be a group of editors of NIWA willing to take some spare time out of working on their own wikis and help a different wiki in need. The team is not endorsed by Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. Anyone is free to join.

The team will try to focus on one wiki at a time, in order to get progress done on said wiki quick, but members are free to choose whatever wiki they wish. You could do anything, from 1 minor edit to 100 major edits to help out, from one stub down to finishing them all. No limits, but, we're not intending to do all of the wiki's work for them. The majority of the work will likely be in the general category, licensing, clean up, etc. areas.


  • Wiki-in-Need: "Oh man, we're having trouble getting some of our articles organized!"
  • CrossWiki Team: "Which ones? Perhaps our expert team of editors can help!"
  • Wiki-in-Need: "*lists off six hundred articles*"
  • CrossWiki Team: "Let's get cracking, boys! *does it* Done."
  • Wiki-No-Longer-in-Need: "Thanks, NIWA Squad of Awesome! We'll let you know if we ever need your help again!"


Sign your username with three (3) tildes ("~~~") if you're willing to help


While every wiki needs help, some need more than others, and have a certain "priority".

Don't like this list? Think it's dumb? Need something added? Want you wiki removed or higher up? Yell in HavocReaper's face Discuss it or add it immediately if it's minor.

Current aim:

  • None

In no particular order, the list:

Other wikis will be added


  • Hold off on Lylat Wiki until it's done importing
  • Does Pikmin Fanon "need" help?


Check the forum where the idea came from too.

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