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Here at NintendoWiki, we serve as both a Wiki for all things Nintendo, and for things related to NIWA. These can include: wiki members, employees of Nintendo, games published on a Nintendo Console, games published by Nintendo itself, etc.

At all times, we need to ensure there is a balance between: The needs of a specific wiki, the needs of NIWA itself (like helping an affiliate out), and the needs of the real-world content.

During your time here at NintendoWiki, please follow these rules. Many of them are in place at all times, but some of them can be superseded in specific situations.


At all times, you need to act civil. In that, you need to be polite in your text and responsible in your actions.

  • If you are removing a person's contribution, undoing a revision, or performing dramatic changes to the design of a page; then please, bring it up on a talk page before or directly after doing so. Ensure everyone has a chance to understand why the action has taken place.
  • If you need to criticize a user's edit, do so in such a way that doesn't end up attacking the editor. If the person has made a mistake, simply point it out for them so they can learn in the future. It's possible they may just misunderstand something.

Coverage & Scope[edit]

NintendoWiki logo.png  Main article: NintendoWiki:Coverage 

With this wiki, we tend to focus on things that are in the real-world. Thus, an article on Shigeru Miyamoto would be fine (since he works for Nintendo), but an article on CloudRunner would not be fine. The core difference is, how in-universe it is.


Name Allowed? Reason
Bulbasaur Not Allowed Unknown outside the Pokémon franchise, with a side appearance in Smash Bros.
Mario Allowed Nintendo Mascot
Meta Knight Not Allowed Only shows up in Kirby and Smash Bros.
Koji Kondo Allowed Staff on multiple Nintendo Games, series and franchises.
Temple of Time Not Allowed Appears only in the Zelda universe
Wii Console Allowed Despite appearing in games such as Pokémon Black and White, it primarily exists in the real world.

In an attempt to balance things that relate directly to Nintendo, and things that could relate to Nintendo, (as well as help serve the wikis of or related to NIWA) we have come up with the following guidelines:


  1. We limit the amount of in-universe information and images present on the wiki for said franchises; instead we prefer to send them to their respective wikis with more in-depth information.
  2. At the same time, we try and treat each game release as a entity, some times combining multiple games into one page if they were released and marketed as a set. So, for example:

Main content[edit]

  1. Each Nintendo-owned, or published franchise gets one color scheme. All other franchises receive the "Neutral Color scheme".
  2. If multiple wikis cover that same topic, the wiki that has the franchise towards its core content get preferred treatment when it comes to templates, links, etc. that link back to wikis.
    • At the same time, the second wiki, the third wiki and so on can be included based on: The wikis coverage of said topic and the amount of links that can be listed. Examples:
      • Donkey Kong is covered by Super Mario Wiki, Donkey Kong Wiki, and Strategy Wiki. Being Donkey Kong Wiki has the series closest to its core content, it gets preferred linkage. However, being the other two wikis also cover it, links towards the wikis can be provided in specifically designated areas of the website.
      • Super Smash Bros. is covered by every wiki in which a character from its respective franchise has appeared in. However, taken to the fullest extend, this could mean that we would be linking to every wiki in NIWA. Instead, we would only link to SmashWiki (due to it being the closest in terms of coverage) and StrategyWiki (due to StrategyWiki's difference in their scope, Walkthroughs).
  3. In addition to StrategyWiki links, certain franchises can be linked to affiliated wikis. See Affiliates

Side content[edit]

  1. Stuff that exist outside of the main content (like userboxes), are allowed more freedom when it comes to the color, related imagery, etc.


  1. Any Console or Accessory that has been made by Nintendo
  2. Systems that have games now available on the Virtual Consoles


  1. People who work for Nintendo get an article.
  2. Countries in which Nintendo has had influence in (such as setting up a regional office).


  1. Companies who work with Nintendo, can get an article. Please keep these articles focused on how it relates (directly or indirectly) to Nintendo. These can include:
    • Companies who are owned by Nintendo
    • Companies who publish on Nintendo consoles.
    • Companies who make competing Hardware or Software
      • The Hardware or Software are themselves are allowed in Articles, but only if they are compatible with something by Nintendo. These however, don't get their own.


3rd Party Software & Hardware[edit]

  • Any game, WiiWare, DSiWare, Channel, etc. That can or has run on a piece of Nintendo Hardware
  • Any piece of Hardware that is compatible with a Nintendo Hardware. For Example:
    • Game Genie, Action Replay, - yes
    • IBM-Compatible PC - no article, but a category, yes.
    • Macintosh - same as PC.
    • CDi - yes, as Nintendo was directly involved
    • Atari 2600 - Category


  1. These need to be written in such a way, that they don't encourage nor discourage anyone from using one.
  2. As specified above, all 3rd party games get the "Neutral Color Scheme" in Articles.
  3. As specified above, 3rd party games who have articles on Approved Affiliated or Member Wiki(s), can be linked as per: the Affiliated Wiki policy


  1. Specific statements that reflect the design and implementation of anything it has created, worked on or influenced.


  1. Any event that Nintendo has attended or hosted. Including:
    • Trade shows
    • Charity Events

Legal Stuff[edit]

  1. Any time the company has been in courts.
  2. Any legally recognized property protection, such as
    • Trademarks
    • Patents
    • Copyrights

Pop culture[edit]

  • Any time Nintendo has been referenced, unless the reference is specific to something in-universe of one of its franchises.

Taking stuff from other sites[edit]


  1. At all times, you may not take any content from any article on any wiki.
  2. No content can be placed onto Articles on this wiki that copied blindly from another source. They need to be quoted, modified, paraphrased, or otherwise altered before being submitted.


Templates maybe brought over, so long as:

  1. their use isn't related mainly in-universe
  2. they are sourced on the template page or related documentation


Files can be brought over from any NIWA member, any affiliated wiki or any relevant fan- or official-site, so long as:

  1. They do not come from a wiki that isn't an member or affiliate
  2. They have been sourced in the upload comment or file description (both new and updated files)


  1. No other types of pages can be copied from other wikis.

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