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Hello Kitty Pocket Camera

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This article describes one or more prototypes, which may include information that has already leaked. Although a limited number of screenshots and general information is allowed, linking to ROMs/source code is not allowed, nor is coverage of prototypes of upcoming games.

Hello Kitty Pocket Camera
Hello Kitty Pocket Camera 2.png
Developer(s): Creatures, Inc., MissingLink (Denyusha)?
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Category: Camera, Puzzle
Players: Single player, multiplayer (data transfer)
Release dates
Japan: Cancelled
©Sanrio, Nintendo

Hello Kitty Pocket Camera is an unreleased game in the Game Boy Camera series. It is themed around Hello Kitty, but some other Sanrio characters also appear.

This game and the Hello Kitty Pocket Printer were advertised in an insert with the Pocket Hello Kitty for a release date of December 1998, but never released.[1] However, this fact was seemingly forgotten and it gained more attention online after it was found in a Game Boy lot check during the 2018-2020 Nintendo, Microsoft data breaches.

This game is also known as Pocket Camera SN in Nintendo 64DD related code.[2]


Title screen

It is quite different to Game Boy Camera, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Boy Camera and CoroCoro Comic Pocket Camera, because various menus and minigames are entirely different. This begins with the layout of how the features are accessed and the design of the menus.

In general, the game is Sanrio branded (mainly with Hello Kitty and sub-characters, but Badtz-Maru and sub-characters also appear in error screens). A Pompompurin picture is also in the game, but possibly unused. Another example of specific branding include the addition of Sanrio character stamps.

While the core features of being able to capture, store, manipulate, and transfer photos remains, as well as viewing a slideshow, the minigames Space Fever II, Run! Run! Run!, Ball, DJ are not present. Instead there are two minigames to earn a currency known as Kitt (the same name as in Pocket Hello Kitty) including a slide puzzle minigame or gambling Kitt with scratch cards. There is also a hidden fruit collecting minigame which can be played to earn Kitt. It is only accessible each time the player prints a photo using the Game Boy Printer, and the game ends after the photo has printed.

Like Game Boy Camera, the player can create their profile, access statistics about photos and unlock content. However, unlike Game Boy Camera there are no specific unlock conditions, and indiviudal photos are not unlocked in a gallery. Rather there is a mode known as the Strawberry Channel, where the player can watch stopmotion animations of Hello Kitty and friends or view the staff credits. The player is able to save specific frames from the stopmotion animations as photos in the gallery. The first stopmotion animation is available by default, while the other five are unlocked as the player earns Kitt (up to 2000 Kitt). Unlike Game Boy Camera, there are no requirements to view the staff credits.


Curiously this game shares some music (minus the sound font and arrangement) with Mobile Trainer.

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  • Black Out was also announced in an insert for the Japanese version of Mario Paint but never released.

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