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List of Game Boy peripherals

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This article is a list of Game Boy and Game Boy Color peripherals.


Produced by Nintendo



  • Barcode Boy: Barcode scanner similar to the e-Reader.
  • Barcode Taisen Bardigun Scanner: Barcode scanner for the video game Barcode Taisen Bardigun.
  • Bug Sensor: LED for the video game Network Adventure Bugsite.
  • Full Changer: The Full Changer interacts with the Game Boy Color's built-in infrared port for the video game Zok Zok Heroes, and is inspired by Super Sentai/tokusatsu-like media. Players can move it in specific patterns known as Space Letters (Japanese: 宇宙文字) while touching the Game Boy Color's infrared port to transform into different superheroes. It was developed by Kenji Nishizawa of Marigul Management and Takashi Arita of FT, according to the staff credits. Not compatible with Game Boy Advance.[2][3]
  • Gyogun Tanchiki: Pocket Sonar: Sonar for locating fish underwater in the real world by Bandai and Honda Electronics. Not compatible with Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.
  • Power Antenna: LED for the video games Keitai Denjuu Telefang: Power and Speed.
  • Spectrum Communicator: Infrared enhancer for the video game Chee-Chai Alien. Not compatible with the Game Boy Advance.
  • Turbo File GB: Save file writing application by ASCII Corporation.
  • Workboy (cancelled): A keyboard which attaches to the Game Boy with the dedicated Link Cable, and can be used for logging appointments, addresses, notes, the user's bank balance, telephone numbers, as well as converting temperatures, currencies and words.[4]
  • Pageboy (cancelled): Designed for wireless communication and accessing the Internet using Ask Mario.[5]
  • TV Adaptor (cancelled): this device would read barcodes from a television screen and convert it into infrared data to be used with the Game Boy Color infrared port. It was discovered that there was cut support for it in Sakura Taisen GB: Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai! after data-mining the game, and through patent JP,2001-239060,A. Also, it is alluded to as an upcoming feature in the manual of Sakura Taisen for Dreamcast); "In One Long Day mode, you'll occasionally find a 'TV mark' displayed on the screen. Remember where these marks appear, something good might happen with them later.")
  • Singer IZEK-1500 sewing machine - A sewing machine compatible with a built-in Link Cable and a small number of Game Boy Color Game Paks for sewing design patterns on to clothes, such as Mario Family. This one was released for Singer's 150th anniversary and is like the Jaguar JN-100. It was only released in blue/teal. It has a detachable power cable.
  • Jaguar JN-100 sewing machine - Another Game Boy compatible sewing machine. Very similar to the Singer IZEK-1500. There are six variations: pale green, blue, violet, orange, pink, clear. It has a built-in power cable.
  • Jaguar JN-2000 sewing machine - A third Game Boy compatible sewing machine. It only comes in red. It has a connection for an embroidery arm, unlike the others, and it is very similar to the Singer CE-200 and Jaguar SP-3000 series. The body style is different compared to the JN-100 or IZEK-1500. The Link Cable is in a different location and it comes with the EM-2000 embroidery arm. It also has a built-in power cable.


Unlicensed but widely sold

  • Game Genie - A video game cheating device and "enhancer", originally by Codemasters and sold by Camerica and Galoob. Technically it works by making a maximum of three temporary 'patches' to the ROM without actually changing it, for example, the player could stub out the code to lose a life. The Nintendo Entertainment System version was the subject of the court case Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc., in which Nintendo of America lost.
  • GameShark: Another video game cheating device by Interact. This one targets the RAM rather than the ROM.
  • GB Xchanger: A Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROM copying device by Bung Enterprises. This and their other devices including the Famicom Disk System CopyMaster, Super Nintendo Entertainment System Game Doctor/Professor SF, and Nintendo 64 Doctor V64 were outlawed by Nintendo.
  • Mega Memory Card - A device for backing up and restoring save files in Game Boy games.
  • Monster Brain - A device by Pelican Accessories primarily for modifying Game Boy Pokémon save files (both the Generation I and Generation II core series).
  • Xploder GB: This device is essentially like the GameShark and was available in at least Europe and the United Kingdom. It includes a built-in trainer for finding new codes by comparing values in memory (RAM), for example if the player has 5 lives, they could search for the value 05 and narrow it down for new searches as the number of lives change.
  • Game Boy Magic Card: A device which brings extra color to Game Boy games by Gamectric.

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