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Nintendo web browser games

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Nintendo have historically had numerous (poorly documented but common) miniature web browser games on official sub-sites (e.g. Adobe Flash-games).

Sometimes the sub-sites are taken down, bringing the web browser games down with them.


  • Chick Chick Boom: An artillery/combat game featuring a battle between yellow/black baby chicks by Extra Toxic, sponsored by Nintendo of Europe. It was also released on the Wii Shop Channel as WiiWare before its closure.
  • UPIXO In Action: Mission in Snowdriftland
  • Kyorosuke-sama no Chara Shindan: Japanese The Legendary Starfy (game) character quiz featuring the character Moe (Kyorosuke in Japan).
  • Setsuna no Tsumami Gui: Japanese Speed Eaters (from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror) demo
  • Donkey Konk
  • Mario's Memory Madness
  • Wario's Whack Attack
  • Kremling Krushin
  • PolterCue
  • Donkey Kong Country Barrel Maze
  • Banana Bonanza
  • Rolling Panic
  • DK: Jungle Climber -- Banana Grab
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour -- Bicep Pump
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour -- Reflex Rally
  • New Super Mario Bros. 1-Up Hunt!
  • Wario: Master of Disguise Trivia
  • Yoshi's Island DS -- Yoshi's Egg Toss
  • DK: King of Swing -- Hurling for Distance
  • DKC3 -- Barrel-Blastapalooza
  • Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss
  • Mario Party 7 -- Bowser's Lair Hockey
  • Super Mario Strikers -- Heads Up
  • Super Princess Peach -- Parasol Fall
  • Mario Hoops 3-on-3 -- Dribble Skillz
  • Superstar Shootout
  • Mario vs. DK 2: Cannon Kaos
  • Tetris DS Puzzle Mode
  • Diddy Kong Racing DS -- Timber's Balloon Pop
  • Super Paper Mario Memory Match
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour - Bicep Pump: A flash game that is a recreation of the Bicep Pump minigame from Mario Tennis: Power Tour.
  • Pokémon flash games, Pokémon Dream World (Pokémon Black and White Versions, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Versions)
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Chick Chick Boom

NintendoWiki logo.png  Main article: Chick Chick Boom 

Chick Chick Boom.png

An artillery featuring armies of yellow and black chicks by Extra Toxic, published by Nintendo of Europe for Easter. It was also released as WiiWare.

UPIXO In Action: Mission in Snowdriftland

NintendoWiki logo.png  Main article: UPIXO In Action: Mission in Snowdriftland 

Mission in Snowdriftland.png

Both a platformer game and advent calendar/Christmas promotion by Extra Toxic and published by Nintendo. Chubby Snow, the snowman, is tasked with locating Snowdriftland to restore game files (pictures of Nintendo games) from the Human World stolen by the evil penguin El Pix. Each day of December 2006, a new level was available up to December 24.

The Legendary Starfy series

Kyorosuke-sama no Chara Shindan

Starfy Wiki logo.png This article is a short summary of Nintendo web browser games.
Starfy Wiki features a more in-depth article.

KnCS flash.png

A quiz featuring Starfy's best friend Moe (known in Japan as Kyorosuke) the clam. A series of questions are asked which determine what character from the game the player is most like.

Nintendo Kids Club

  • Peach's Puzzle
  • Luigi's Word Jumble
  • Match-Up Mario
  • Nintendo Friends Object Hunt
  • Captain Toad's Dungeon Dash!
  • Shadow Spotter
  • Yoshi's Mix-Up
  • Make four with Mario
  • Poochy's Mix-Up
  • Mario's Festive Mix-up!
  • Mario's Festive Jigsaw Jumble
Nintendo online services
 • Famicom Network System (Famicom, 1988)
 • Satellaview (Super Famicom, 1995) (scheduled satellite broadcast/download, but not Internet)
 • Randnet (Nintendo 64DD 1999)
 • Mobile System GB (Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance w/Mobile GB Adapter and mobile phone, 2001)  • Online Nintendo GameCube gameplay (Nintendo GameCube, w/GameCube Broadband Adapter/Modem Adapter, 2002)
 • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Wii, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL optionally w/Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, Nintendo DS & DSi Browser, 2006)
 • Nintendo Network (Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Web, 2012/3)
 • Nintendo Switch Online (2018; Nintendo Switch)
 • Websites (Nintendo web browser games)
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