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Mobile System GB

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Mobile System GB
Mobile System GB logo.png
Official logo
Provider: Nintendo Network Service Development, Mobile21, MissingLink
Launched: January 27, 2001
End of service: December 14, 2002
Service provided: Email exchange, limited web browser, online gameplay/competition/ranking, paid downloadable content
Accessible by: Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance console, connected to a mobile phone using the Mobile Game Boy Adapter, for Japan only.
Nintendo Online Magazine Jan. 2001, Nintendo Online Magazine Jul. 2001, Archived Mobile21 website

Mobile System GB was an online gameplay, networking (such as email) service for Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance operated via mobile phone. The service was established by Nintendo and Mobile21 and a starter cartridge known as the Mobile Trainer, with the Mobile GB Adapter is intended to set up the service. The Mobile Trainer also included a mailing system, and a dedicated browser featuring the Mobile Home Page.

The service operated from a former Nintendo data-center at

For a price, supported mobile phones could use this service to play games/software online or to download content. The service needed the Mobile GB Adapter to operate, and one of three Mobile GB Adapter cables (blue, yellow or red) used to connect to different mobile phones.

The service is most known for its support of the Japanese release of Pokémon Crystal Version, in which players could download news, battle and trade online, mail, or the "GS Ball" item; unlocking the Mythical Pokémon Celebi.

Supported titles

Attribution: Bulbapedia

Title Console Developer
Pokémon Crystal Version (ポケットモンスター クリスタルバージョン, Pocket Monsters: Crystal Version) (additionally with Pokémon Stadium 2 support) Game Boy Color Game Freak
Mobile Trainer (モバイルトレーナー) Game Boy Color MissingLink
Monster Guardians (モンスターガーディアンズ) Game Boy Advance Mobile21
Napoleon (ナポレオン) Game Boy Advance Genki
Play Novel: Silent Hill (プレイノベル サイレントヒル) Game Boy Advance Konami
Top Gear GT Championship (全日本GT選手権 All-Japan GT Championship) Game Boy Advance Vision Works
Doraemon: Midori no Wakusei Doki Doki Daikyūshūtsu! (ドラえもん 緑の惑星ドキドキ大脱出!) Game Boy Advance Mobile21
Mobile Golf (モバイルゴルフ) Game Boy Color Camelot
Morita Shōgi Advance (森田将棋あどばんす) Game Boy Advance Yuki Enterprise
Net de Get Minigames @100 (ネットでゲットミニゲーム@100) Game Boy Color Mobile21
EX Monopoly (EXモノポリー) Game Boy Advance Mobile21
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (マリオカートアドバンス Mario Kart Advance) Game Boy Advance Intelligent Systems
JGTO Licensed: Golfmaster Mobile (JGTO公認 GOLFMASTERモバイル) Game Boy Advance Konami
Kinniku Banzuke ~Kongō-kun no Daibōken!~ (筋肉番付~金剛くんの大冒険!~) Game Boy Advance KCE Studios
Mobile Pro Baseball: Control Baton (モバイルプロ野球 監督の采配) Game Boy Advance Mobile21
Stacomi: Star Communicator (スタコミ STAR★COMMUNICATOR) Game Boy Advance Konami
Zero-Tours (ゼロ・ツアーズ) Game Boy Advance Amedio
Game Boy Wars 3 (ゲームボーイウォーズ3) Game Boy Color Hudson Soft
ESPN Great Outdoor Games Bass 2002 (エキサイティングバス Exciting Bass) Game Boy Advance Konami
Daisenryaku For Game Boy Advance (大戦略 For ゲームボーイアドバンス) Game Boy Advance SystemSoft Alpha
Mail de Cute (メールでキュート) Game Boy Advance Mobile21
Hello Kitty: Happy House (ハローキティのハッピーハウス) Game Boy Color MTO

Cancelled support


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