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Restore Point

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The Restore Point feature, also known as Suspend Point is included in the official emulators for Nintendo's Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online services beginning with the Nintendo 3DS (later the Wii U) as well as the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition.

The Restore Point is another word for what some emulators call "save states", and usually allows the player to capture the exact moment they are in game and restore it later, as opposed to a "battery save" (a save file that requires a reset to reload and usually isn't from the exact same point).

Later features allow the player to actually rewind gameplay inputs and save more than one Restore Point at a time. Similar features are occasionally included in games themselves, such as the third party Game Boy game Catrap and various compilation titles like Mega Man Legacy Collection.

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