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Katsuya Eguchi

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Katsuya Eguchi (江口勝也) is a Nintendo employee and a producer. Born on April 7, 1965 , he attended Japan Electronics College before joining Nintendo in 1986. He is known for being one of the creators of Star Fox and Animal Crossing series. He is currently Deputy General Manager at Nintendo EPD and on the board of directors at SRD.


He joined Nintendo shortly after graduated from college. His first games at Nintendo was working as a designer on Zelda II and Famicom Grand Prix. His directorial debut was Star Fox, being one of the first games Nintendo would work together with Western developers. He would continue to work as a director for his next games, working on classics such as Wave Race and Animal Crossing.

With the restructure of Nintendo EAD, he was made the group manager of EAD Group 2, where he was in charge of the Animal Crossing series and the launch software for Nintendo's upcoming console, the Wii. The team made a number of motion-control demos that would become Wii Sports and Wii Play. The team also designed most of the Wii Channels.

Following the success of the Wii, Eguchi was promoted to being Nintendo EAD's deputy general manager, the second highest position in the division with only Miyamoto above. He was also made the Wii U's producer. In the reformed Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development, he maintained his position, now working under Shinya Takahashi and alongside Yoshiaki Koizumi. In 2022, with the purchase of SRD, he was selected to be one of the directors on their board.

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