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Nintendo Account

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Nintendo Account
Provider Nintendo
Launched 2016
End date Present
Service provided Nintendo Network
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Nintendo Account is Nintendo's cross-platform account system, meant to unify all Nintendo services. While registration for the Nintendo Account service was launched in Japan in December 2015, it did not launch for the rest of the world until February 2016[1]. In contrast to Nintendo Network ID's, which are tied to the user's devices, Nintendo Accounts can be used for a variety of services, such as My Nintendo and the online game store on Nintendo's website, and mobile applications, and is the primary account system used for the Nintendo Switch.[2]

Users can create a Nintendo Account from scratch, or sign in using an existing Google+, Facebook, or Twitter account, or an existing Nintendo Network ID, all of which which can alternatively be linked afterward, allowing a user to sign in with any of those accounts as well. Any of these linked accounts can also be changed or removed at any point.

Eventually, this account service will allow players to store data via cloud storage, and receive benefits at places such as theme parks[3].


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