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Untitled online Pokémon project

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This article describes one or more prototypes, which may include information that has already leaked. Although a limited number of screenshots and general information is allowed, linking to ROMs/source code is not allowed, nor is coverage of prototypes of upcoming games.

The untitled online Pokémon project refers to a unreleased Pokémon game with online support for both the Game Boy Advance and an unknown platform with a "PC screen" (possibly an actual PC) which would have been based on Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions with a number of differences.

Information about this project, linked with a possible peripheral called the NetCard was leaked in 2020 following the 2019 Nintendo, Microsoft data breach case. It was detailed in a presentation attributed to iQue.[1]

General information

The game would allow the player to catch up to 30 Pokémon offline, but more Pokémon could be stored online and accessed with an additional option at the PC. A "Treasure Hunt" feature was also planned, presumably for receiving items online.

Similar to the eventual Pokémon GO, it would have had features linked to the player's location; specifically weather conditions matching the player's IP address and a distribution of Pokémon specific to the location. Upon chatting to an old man and old lady, the player would be able to receive a pseudorandom Egg online.

Planned releases

The base Game Boy Advance game was planned for a release between July-August 2005, with new content including an online tournament mode controlled with the Game Boy Advance but with display on the PC screen in February-March 2006. Furthermore, between July-August 2006 it was planned that the player would be able to capture new Pokémon online.[2]


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