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Unreleased Pokémon versions

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Unreleased Pokémon versions
Pokemon Picross GBC.png
Pokémon Picross (GBC)
Developer(s): Game Freak, Jupiter
Publisher(s): (Unreleased)
Platform: Game Boy, Game Boy Advance
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A
Copyrights: ©Game Freak/Nintendo/Creatures, Inc. (The Pokémon Company)
Release dates


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The unreleased Pokémon versions are cancelled or rumored and unreleased editions of the Pokémon series games.


Pokémon 2[edit]

The tentative name for Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions.

Pokémon AGB[edit]

A codename for Pokémon on the Game Boy Advance (AGB). It was mentioned in unused text for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions.

Pokémon X (non-3DS)[edit]

Pokémon X was a codename for a new Pokémon game before the release of Pokémon Crystal Version, but no solid information is available about it.


Pokémon Picross (Game Boy Color)[edit]

NintendoWiki logo.png  Main article: Pokémon Picross (Game Boy Color) 

This was a cancelled version of Pokémon Picross for Game Boy Color. Picross puzzles were also included in the Nintendo Space World demo prototypes of Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions.


Pocket Monsters RPG[edit]

A roleplaying game not to be confused with Pokémon Stadium. It was rumoured to have been developed as the second of one of two games, with the first being like 'an encyclopedia of monsters' and the second as 'more of an RPG'. In Nintendo Power circa 1997-1998, there was also said to be a Pokémon RPG featuring a protagonist known as "Leo"; the Japanese name of Wes in the Stadium-like game with RPG mode for Nintendo GameCube; Pokémon Colosseum.[1][2]

Pokémon Moss[edit]

This game was mentioned in unused text for Mobile Trainer; the Mobile System GB setup Game Pak.

GAMER's Life
[email protected]
At last, the new Pokémon are gonna be introduced!
For more on "Pokémon Moss", go to Nintendo's home page!
e-Mail Magazine GB
GAMER's Life
[email protected]

Pokémon Moss however, could be a joke; as the kanji 苔 can also be interpreted as "fool".


The developers have registered various unused Pokémon trademarks.[3] However, these do not always imply actual planned games.

  • 2002-63587 ポケットモンスター\トパーズ [Pokémon Topaz]
  • 2002-63591 ポケットモンスター\ホワイトゴールド [Pokémon White Gold]
  • 2002-63588 ポケットモンスター\トルマリン [Pokémon Tourmaline]
  • 2002-63590 ポケットモンスター\ムーンストーン [Pokémon Moonstone]
  • 2008-93270 ポケットモンスター茶 [Pokemon Brown]
  • 2008-93272 ポケットモンスター灰 [Pokemon Gray]
  • 2008-93273 ポケットモンスター朱 [Pokemon Scarlet] (also literally "Vermilion")
  • 2008-93274 ポケットモンスター紫 [Pokemon Purple]
  • 2008-93275 ポケットモンスター紅 [Pokemon Crimson]
  • 2008-93276 ポケットモンスター緋 [Pokemon Scarlet]

Pokémon Gray also had a website registered by the same company as called[4]


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